Badr Boussabat

Badr Boussabat

Co-Founder and President AI TOGETHER

12:50 pm - 1:30 pm

IGOAI Power Panel - How Artificial Intelligence will Change the World.

Moderator: Dr. Thiago Felipe S. Avanci, Lawyer, Professor of Law, Board Member, CEST/POLI/USP; IGOAI; GAIEI;  FISP

Dr. Jamal Berrich Mohammed Professor and Member of 'Maison de l'intelligence artificielle', Mohammed First University, Oujda

Dr. Enrico Panai, AI Ethicist & Founder, Be Ethical

Dr. Manal Jalloul Founder, AI Lab; Certified Instructor and University Ambassador, NVIDIA; Lecturer, American University of Beirut

Badr Boussabat, Co-Founder and President AI TOGETHER